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Mission to mars

  Yesterday we participated in the vssec witch means Victorian space science educational centre. The excursion was awesome, it was at strathmore, Essendon it was a awesome excursion. There was two programs and two planet groups. The two programs were… Continue Reading →


Common!!! Australia, you can do this your seventh on the ladder at least finish at 4 or 3.

BTN cyclocross

Now for another story Louis stibbard the state cyclocross country boy has started a career cyclocross riding Louis has a condition that can stop him from riding sometimes he has arthritis and diabetes Type 1 so with his arthritis he… Continue Reading →

BTN Olympic Follow Up

The olympics how much is a gold medal it proves to be 12 million dollars each. And also talking about money the Australian Olympic team spends 324 thousand dollars on athletes that’s way to much money they could be donating… Continue Reading →

Prime minister poster

Council letter

4 August 2016 Dear Ms Bronnie Hattam Hi my name is Taj and I am 10 years old and I live in Plenty. I am writing to you because I am worried about the drain lines on the Plenty park… Continue Reading →

Masterchef review

Last Tuesday night I had lasagna it was amazing the lasagna was so nice the cheesy cheese was amazing and soothing in your mouth but it was pretty hot so it was a bit burnt on the side but I… Continue Reading →

Homework week 2 term 3

I think 18 year olds are aloud to vote at eighteen because there starting to become a adult and have responsibility in a lot of things. Yes I do agree because they have got the responsibility and trust in you…. Continue Reading →

Blog guidelines

you will only be identified by your first name. the classroom teacher will check your post before you post it. posts and constructive criticism plz. no photos or images of other people. no rude comments eg swearing only appropriate language…. Continue Reading →


Hi my name is Taj this year I will be posting a lot of my work from over the week, I will also be updating you on my personal page with my weekend sports (basketball and footy). Cheers Taj

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